The Knee Sleeve

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Built with the industry's densest and stiffest Neoprene, providing a wrap-like compression and rebound to your squat unlike anything else on the market.

Reinforced seam construction and dense Neoprene provides the confidence, security and stability you need to break records and surpass training plateaus. 

7mm Neoprene in thickness and 30cm in length, made to the highest competition specifications allowed by most powerlifting and weightlifting federations.

Provides warmth and extreme support to your knee joint and surrounding muscles to minimise injury risk while performing the heaviest lifts.

Sold as a pair and packaged in a reusable drawstring bag. Quick-drying smooth interior lining helps prevent odour-causing bacteria.

This model features a traditional cone-shape design with a natural taper from the top to bottom, best suited for individuals with a tapered leg shape (i.e. leg measurements that progressively narrow from top to bottom with Quads and Calves that are not significantly larger than the Knee).

Given the stiffness of the sleeve, it is crucial to consider the shape of the sleeve when determining compatibility to your leg proportions to ensure optimal fit and longevity of the sleeves. Athletes with significantly larger Calves and/or Quads to their Knee should carefully consider whether this sleeve shape will provide them the best use during training. In doing so, additional effort may be required to wear the sleeves and excess tension along certain parts of the sleeve due to incompatibility will increase the likelihood of damage and tears.

Measure the circumference around the following areas, your knee joint (i.e., at the patella), your lower quad (i.e., 10-12cm above the knee), and the largest part of your calf — ensure that you measure with your leg straight out and muscles relaxed.

Take your knee joint as your main sizing measurement and refer to the table and instructions below, the quad and calf measurements may be used as an additional reference for you to understand your preferred fitting. 

  • If your measurement is at the top of a size range, you will have the tightest fit possible from the size, suited for competition only. If the largest part of your calf measures more than your knee joint by 2cm, consider sizing up to accomodate the calf.
  • If your measurement is at the bottom of a size range, you will have a snug fit.
  • Please note we do not recommend sizing down. Due to the stiffness of the sleeve, sizing down will result in excessive effort required to wear and remove as well as significantly increased wear and tear. As such we cannot recommend sizing down, particularly if you are at the top of a size range or if your calf is larger than your knee joint by 2cm.
    Knee Joint (CM)
    Lower Quad (CM)
    Calf (CM)
    S 33.50 - 35.50 39.50 - 41.50 32.50 - 34.50
    S/M 35.00 - 37.00 41.00 - 43.00 33.50 - 35.50
    M 36.00 - 38.50 42.50 - 44.50 35.50 - 37.50
    M/L 38.00 - 40.00 44.00 - 46.00 36.50 - 38.50
    L 39.50 - 42.00 45.50 - 47.50 38.50 - 40.50
    XL 42.50 - 45.00 48.50 - 50.50 41.50 - 43.50
    2XL 45.50 - 48.00 51.50 - 53.50 44.50 - 46.50
    3XL 48.50 - 51.00 52.50 - 54.50 47.50 - 49.50
    4XL 51.50 - 54.00 54.00 - 56.00 50.50 - 52.50
    5XL 54.50 - 57.00 55.50 - 57.50 53.50 - 55.50

    Please note all of the above are guidelines only and fitting may differ across individuals depending on individual leg proportions and their suitability to a cone-shaped knee sleeve, refer to the section on shape for further details. 

    Important — Stiff Neoprene requires appropriate care and optimal fitting. Selecting the correct size and shape of sleeve is critical in ensuring an athlete is able to maximise the benefits, and longevity of the sleeves. Inappropriate sizing and incompatibility of the sleeve shape to the athlete’s leg proportions causes excess tension along parts of the sleeve, leading to increased wear and tear. It is recommended that the sleeves be primarily used for top sets and competition only, with fitting instructions followed carefully.

    We recommend that you hand wash under warm water with a gentle detergent suitable for Neoprene products. Air dry completely. We do not suggest the use of a washing machine or dryer as this risks damage in the spinning cycle. Do not bleach or iron as this will cause degradation to the integrity of the Neoprene.